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Acquiring the tools to soar.

Acquiring the tools to soar.

Here’s what clients are saying:

Ramona 1/17 — After experiencing several life traumas, I found myself in a very dark place.  I was angry and frustrated all the time.  I lacked joy in my life.  My relationships were suffering.  I sought counseling with Denise where she explained RRT.  I was a little skeptical but decided to try it.   I am a new woman!  I have found joy and peace in my life. RRT has helped me to have that joy in each moment.  I would highly recommend RRT to anyone who feels stuck in yuck! 

Melissa 9/16 — When I first contacted Denise regarding RRT, I was apprehensive about trying another therapy and working with another therapist. I had been struggling with issues from childhood for over forty years, and didn’t have much confidence in my ability to overcome the effects of PTSD that were impacting my life. But I had hope that this would finally be the help I needed. And it was. After meeting with Denise once, I knew that I had been led to the right person. I’m still not exactly sure how RRT works, but it does. What I can say with certainty, is that I left my session with a feeling of calmness, peace, and resolution. Traditional therapies had helped in certain areas, but had always left me with more questions. RRT didn’t. I finally feel that I can put everything from my past to rest, and live in the present moment. I know I will still have challenges in life, but I now feel that I will be strong enough to handle them. I look forward to a future of good health, strong relationships and peace. RRT and Denise were a true gift, and I’m so grateful. 

Dino 1/16 — I went to see Denise Lash, a therapist who is trained in Rapid Resolution Therapy because I was involved in a traumatic on-the-job-altercation.  One morning on the beat, I responded to a domestic which quickly turned into a violent life-threatening-confrontation when the offender attacked me and tried to disarm me.  I feared for his life as I worked to get the offender under control and apprehended. I was badly injured and off the job while I healed.  By the time I saw Denise, I was suffering from PTSD, anxiety, hypervigilance, anger and temper issues, mood swings, depression, sleep issues, flashbacks and nightmares, fearful of returning to the job, and frequent marital and parenting conflicts. All of these were affecting my daily life.

Denise spent several hours in one session pinpointing and reprocessing trauma, identifying some inaccurate beliefs, and making connections to unhealthy behaviors and reactions.  All of which, actually, were done with out having to relive events or pain. By the end of the session, I was looking forward to getting back on the beat. I felt calm, and confident I can handle my relationships without being angry and no longer troubled by what once was a very traumatic event.

It’s been a year since seeing Denise, and RRT has been a life changer for me and our family. My circumstances didn’t change but I have. No more painful memories, no more depression, anger, agitation, hypervigilance, or damaged relationships. Thanks to RRT, I’m back to work performing optimally. My family and fellow officers see me healed and whole. I’m stronger!  Denise is a woman of noble character, professional, highly skilled and experienced in treating law enforcement with PTSD.

Luis 11/15 — Before starting therapy I had a lot of doubts. My depression and my stress was through the roof, causing me to literally want nothing to do with anybody or anything. It was affecting everybody around me and eating away at my insides. I therefore decided to go to therapy after discussing it with my Husband. We decided that Denise M. Lash was the perfect choice. Rapid Resolution Therapy does exactly what is said. It was Rapid because after only a couple of sessions I am proud to say that I couldn’t be happier with my life. My Resolution was going back to school and motivating myself to do things I never thought would be possible. I have a healthy relationship with my Husband and my Family. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I would like to thank Denise for helping me help myself and truly finding my happiness. It was a real one on one conversation, no magic spells, no nonsense, just a genuine experience. So for all the doubters of therapy I know how you feel but it really does work. I definitely recommend Denise and Rapid Resolution Therapy to everyone who struggles with day to day life like I once did.

Diana Say 11/15 — Hello I would like to share with you what results I’ve been getting since my first therapy session with Denise Lash. I went to see her a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised by how I have been doing after just one session. The biggest thing I have noticed is my cravings for sugar and bread have almost completely diminished. I am a very big sweet eater and noticed after every meal I always wanted a little something with sugar. But since I have been to see her, I haven’t even thought of it after my meals which is truly a big deal for me. Also, just walking by a tin of cookies or a pie sitting on the countertop and not even thinking twice about it. I feel more energy and have been working out every morning before I come to work, which I haven’t done in years.
I would very much recommend a session with her, I feel like I have control of my foods again where as before I felt like they had control of me.

Sheila 9/15 — A few months ago I was singing the praises of Denise Lash relative to receiving desensitization of my Cheetos addition. This may not seem like a big deal  but trust me –no one dared invade my super-size bag of Cheetos (the one meant for everyone at a super bowl party). It’s been 10 months now and over the weekend after a few glasses of wine in the hotel lobby the munchie set in. Across from my chair was the hotel’s snack and sundry section and, of course, front and center was a snack size bag of Cheetos. Had to have them.  Bought the Cheetos.  Well – let me tell you that was a bottomless bag!!! I could not finish it. Worse yet, I was soooo sick. (Thank heaven I never leave home without peppermint essential oil to settle the stomach).

Apparently RRT doesn’t wear off and it will be a long time before I test it again.

SD 4/15 — I have been struggling for many years with anger, depression and feelings of non-validation  due to the physical, emotional and mental abuse I endured growing up.  I had sought counseling  in the past, all to no avail.  One night in my study group, while we were discussing past wounds and hurts, it was suggested that I see Denise to help work through the pain.  I was skeptical, saying that I been through this before and it didn’t work.  That started a long conversation regarding how Denise had helped 3 of my brothers work through some very rough patches in their lives and how they felt the freedom from the pain they were fighting through.  The methods Denise had used on the three were not like the conventional talk therapy we all are familiar with.  It was something totally different, and they thought I might benefit from it.  After some convincing by my brothers, I finally gave in and agreed.  Even though I knew Denise from our involvement at church, I was very uncomfortable in meeting with her regarding my issues.  Right away, she was very warm and empathetic toward my plight.  What began as a short session, turned in to a marathon, and we were able to peel away the issues that have been haunting me for so long.  I feel like a millstone has been taken off my neck, and I thank God my brothers insisted that I go to Denise for help.  She was able to accomplish what years of conventional counseling couldn’t.  I highly recommend Denise.

Sheila 2/15 — Maybe a salty cheesy crispy anything isn’t high on the list of addictive substances, but I never tasted one I didn’t love.  More precisely (I know that’s redundant but it’s descriptive!), I’ve never opened a bag I didn’t finish in one sitting. I’m not talking the snack size. I’m talking Costco size.  My family knows that if he/she opens the bag, he/she isn’t gonna get even a taste.

This all changed when Denise spent a couple of hours last fall desensitizing me to these delicious, mouthwatering, day dreaming about snacks. I’ve waited to make this testimonial cause I‘m a “let’s see if this takes” person.  It’s been four months and I have to say IT WORKED!!!!  I still eat chips but now I really can eat a normal serving or I can pass on them altogether.  My husband never thought he’d see the day a bag of chips could last a week or more in our house. Apparently he’s not convinced though since I found a bag of Cheetos in his truck last weekend he said he was keeping safe for his lunch throughout the week.

Anyway, RRT is the answer.  Thanks  Denise.  Cheetos’ market just got a little smaller.

MS 11/14 — Since undergoing RRT with Denise Lash, I feel like a new person. Problems that affected me for years were cleared up in an amazingly short period of time.  I have struggled with alcoholism much of my adult life, but since RRT, alcohol cravings have been significantly reduced, allowing me to  remain sober.  Childhood wounds have been healed and I am experiencing a rebirth in confidence and self esteem. I am no longer weighed down with baggage from the past, and that has freed me to forge new and better relationships with my husband and my children.  RRT may seem too good to be true, but it really worked for me. It allowed me to put my past in the past where it belongs, and focus on creating a new and exciting future.

Kathleen 11/14 — Denise did RRT with me for several issues.  I left feeling at ease, lighter and more focused. Since doing RRT, my mind has been more focused and clearer.  I am pursuing my goals and pushing through walls that felt impenetrable.  It’s a wonderful feeling to be moving forward with my life and no longer feeling stuck.  I especially like the use of oils which both cleared my mind and put me at ease.

Heather 10/14 — Denise Lash has done far more in my life than she would ever believe.  I have only met with her twice.  Each time I have left, I couldn’t care about the problems I walked in with if I tried. Not only is her sweet energy contagious, but her reasoning and perspective can honestly conquer ANY problem.  She has a gift for what she does.  I would challenge anyone to see her at least one time.  I believe they would say the same thing.

RTH 9/14 — My time with Denise was one of the best investments I have made in a long time.  I walked into our sessions with several significant knots that were affecting me more than I ever knew. I had patterns of thinking that needed to be identified and corrected. Denise walked me through several helpful exercises that provided me with tools that will help me for the rest of my life. 

Sherry L 5/14 — I had been dealing with a traumatic childhood event for over forty years and had undergone counseling therapy for it intermittently. Overall, I had been functioning well … until a recent event brought the negative emotions from my past trauma to the forefront of my existence and thus, the powerful nightmares and flashbacks came back. All this made it difficult for me to function properly, and I felt paralyzed in fear. I was soon diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and advised to seek counseling. The idea of Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) appealed to me because I wanted my life back quickly. Still, I was skeptical—how could an event that tormented me for forty years be resolved in such a short period of time?

I found Denise Lash on the Internet and quickly researched what I could about RRT therapy. Upon my initial phone consultation with Denise, I felt confident that she could help me. The RRT therapy was spent in one afternoon with her. I accomplished more in those couple hours than I had in forty-something years of therapy. By the end of the session, I was able to communicate with her my childhood traumatic event without the negative emotions and fears. It became a manageable event that I could look at with objectivity and without fear—something I had never been able to do in the past.

I highly recommend Denise Lash. Since my RRT session, I’ve been back to sleeping through the night without nightmares. The flashbacks and fear is gone. In its place, however, is hope and empowerment that I can accomplish anything I want. I am no longer a prisoner to that trauma. What Denise gave me was freedom from trauma; and it’s the best feeling ever!

Karla Willitts 7/13 —  I met with Denise Lash yesterday for a Rapid Resolution Therapy session.  My life has been changed because of this time with Denise.  I could never imagined meeting just one time with her could change me so dramatically.  Well, it did.  I am a new person.  Watch out world…here comes Karla!

Mindee 6/13 — When I started seeing Denise I knew I had a lot of things to work through. I had been dealing with them my whole life. After working with two other therapists and seeing no change, I really had some doubts that I could be helped. Nothing else had helped so how could I find healing after one session? Denise made me feel so comfortable. I was able to share my insecurities, fears, and hurts without feeling like I was being judged. Denise explained Rapid Resolution Therapy to me, and after my first session I was in awe of the healing I had already experienced! I don’t think I could ever thank Denise enough for allowing God to use her to help the healing in my life. I have grown and had such amazing healing. I got to a point that I believe in myself, which led to me being able to be in a relationship with a man who is now my husband. I have and will continue to recommend Denise to anyone who is struggling. No matter how big or small you may feel your issue is Denise has the ability to help! Thank you Denise for the difference you have made in my life!

Jessica 5/13 — Denise has been instrumental in helping me heal from past traumas and to grow as an individual. She has helped me identify thought patterns that lead to unhealthy relationships as well as a broken self image. God has used Denise’s insight and kind heart to help me grow into a competent and confident woman who no longer needs the approval of others in order to feel good about myself. I have learned that I can be a kind, compassionate and considerate woman without feeling the need to be a ‘door mat’ to those around me. Most days I have the opportunity to grow and apply the tools she has given me. Today, I feel as if I can stand tall and not be weighed down by false thinking. I can stand with my head held high, proud of the woman God has created me to be.

LD 3/13 — I kept having feelings from past hurts and bad memories. Once Denise walked me through rapid resolution therapy, I no longer had the bad feelings when I thought about the memory. In some cases, I even forgot the bad memory entirely.

DK 3/13 — Denise is a highly experienced therapist who has the knowledge and possesses skills which helped me heal from a painful past that seemed insurmountable to overcome.  She gave me hope. Denise provides a safe and comfortable environment when working through the many layers of past traumas. She has compassion; is strong against my stubbornness and denials; taught me about boundaries, what they are, how and when to use them; gave me specific tools to make it through difficult times especially of abuse memories that surface and my manic depression episodes. Denise encourages me to attend support groups and suggests reading materials that offer insight in the healing process of the many issues I have. She definitely is involved and active in getting me to wellness, living life free of the past that held me in bondage since I was a child. I now say I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and assault, not a victim. Denise continues to help me in the recovery of my addictions (alcohol, self injury) and relationship issues. I praise and thank our Father God for Denise. Truly I am blessed and grateful.

Julie 1/13 — I always tell people that the decision to go to counseling was a defining moment for me; it forever changed my life.  I don’t mean to be cliche, but I would not be the same person today if it were not for Denise.  She became a mentor to me.  She gave me tools.  She was logical, professional, competent and challenging.  She did not let me minimize, rationalize or forget about the goals I set for myself.  I was able to be fully honest with her; and she was persistent about seeking that, yet comforting when it was hard to do so.  She spoke truths that were sometimes hard to hear, but it made me grow more than I knew I even needed.  The tools, the phrases and the insight I gained from her…I still draw on today.  It has made me a better person, friend, wife and mother.  I learned about true integrity and the link between that and true happiness.  Denise is the best of the best.

Lorraine McGrath 10/12 — I am 84 years old and since I was a very small child, I have had a fear of something being put over my face and being in enclosed spaces.   Several months ago, I went in for eye surgery that required a cloth to be placed over my face during the procedure   The surgery had to be stopped due to the significant anxiety and fear I experienced.  I then needed to reschedule the eye surgery but kept putting it off  because I didn’t want to experience that same anxiety and fear again.  Finally after hearing what Denise Lash has done for other people, I asked her if she would help me and she agreed.  I went to see her once and I left believing the treatment was effective but the true test would come when I went for the upcoming rescheduled eye surgery.  I had the surgery a month or so later and experienced no problems whatsoever.  I was amazed at how calm I was and experienced no anxiety or fear before, during or after the procedure.

Jack 10/12 — Denise has been a blessing in my life personally and in my marriage. As a fellow Christian, I appreciate her willingness to ground her counsel in our shared faith although I’m quite confident she could (and would) help people of any faith. She is neither passive nor too “in-you-face” in terms of style. She is willing to share difficult things and challenge me without being pushy.

Jeff (and Jill) 10/11 — I wanted to keep this short, but there’s just no short way to express our surprise and gratitude. We don’t have to live with traumatic memories that debilitate and paralyze us. We came in skeptical and said so. A few hours later we left the office healed from the horrible reliving over and over of our traumatic event. We remember, of course, but we don’t re-experience it anymore as if it’s still occurring. Thanks, Denise. You’re a miracle worker. When I meet others still trapped in their trauma, it makes me said. They don’t have to live like that anymore.

Brian 9/11 — Before I saw Denise, I had never visited a professional counselor and was even skeptical on the process and results.  Counseling was for the weak. Out of nowhere, I was hit with a traumatic experience whose effects stuck with me like a dark cloud. I needed help (yes, I became one of the “weak”) and reached out to Denise. I walked into her office heavy, sad, depressed, and confused…I walked out with a renewed perspective that gave me hope and life.  Thank you, Denise!

Debbie and John Burke 12/10 — Denise has helped our family through several very difficult times with her wisdom and scriptural foundation. We owe much to her and think anyone would be lucky to have her guide them through difficult circumstances.

Shannon Crane 10/10 — I began seeing Denise in 2009 during one of the most confusing times in my marriage and my life. I never left a visit without knowing that light was shed on my circumstance. Over and over again, her counsel broke through walls… often of self-pity, and rebuilt them with courage to be myself and strength to stand for what I believe in. By the grace of God, my marriage was restored and the counseling I received from Denise was a huge part in allowing that to happen for me. She became far more than just my counselor, she was the one God picked to walk with me through my toughest storm and see me to the other side. I can wholeheartedly recommend her counsel to anyone dealing with overwhelming emotions.

Gina 10/09 — Denise Lash has truly been a gift from God, straight from His hand to my life. I had a lot of unresolved issues from childhood that influenced some deep issues in my life as an adult – 30 years of trauma, baggage and bad choices piled up in one unhealed and badly broken mess. Both Denise’s method of therapy and personal style of delivery literally helped God work miracles in me and my life. My healing process was dramatic, and much quicker and smoother than I ever imagined could be possible. The methodology that Denise uses is solid, and offers a human breakthrough that just cannot be found in any type of book or class one can read or attend on their own. Her counseling was not only healing and restoring, it actually took me through what felt like a great learning and discovery process that has affected every area of my life more positively than words could express. She is one of a kind, and a true gift from God to help hurting, confused or lost people who seek the help that her counseling provides.