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How do I make an appointment?
Appointments can be made by contacting me through email at, by phone at 630-927-9938 or through the Contact Form provided under the Contact tab in this website.

Is counseling and mediation confidential?
I regard the information a client shares with the greatest respect so it is important to be as clear as possible about how it will be handled.  In general, I will tell no one what a client shares.  The privacy and confidentiality of our conversations and my records is the client’s privilege and is, in all but a few rare circumstances, legally protected by state law and is my profession’s ethical principles.

There are two situations in which I must, by law, tell others of what a client shares.  First, if  I believe the client intends to harm him(her)self or another person, I must break confidentiality.  Secondly, if I believe a child or elderly person has been, or will be, abused or neglected, I must break confidentiality.

If the client chooses to submit my charges to an insurance company, know that insurance companies ask for detailed information on your symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.  It will become part of the client’s permanent medical record. Please note:  once this information leaves my hands,  I do not have control over who has access to it.

If you have any concerns about confidentiality, please raise them with me so they may be resolved.

Can I use my insurance for counseling?
I am an in-network provider for OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions (United Behavioral Health) and an out-of-network provider for all other insurance companies.

For clients that choose to use an insurance provider other than OptumHealth Behavioral solutions, I encourage them to check with their mental health insurance provider for out-of-network benefits.  If the client uses out-of-network benefits or pays out-of-pocket, I will provide a receipt to the client at the time of service for the client to submit an insurance claim for reimbursement of the counseling fees if they choose.   The counseling fees are to be paid to me at the time of service.

For clients seeking to use insurance benefits, because benefit coverage varies greatly, I always advise the client to check their benefits booklet, call their insurance carrier, or talk to their employer.  Mental health benefits are not always as clear cut as major medical benefits and may be covered or administered through a different plan than their major medical care policy. In addition, all levels of care, professionals and diagnoses may not be covered by the client’s mental health benefits.  Please be advised that any insurance benefits quoted by the client’s  insurance company does not guarantee they will cover payment. If the client belongs to an insurance plan, it is their responsibility to determine what percentage of my usual and customary charge will be covered and to submit the claim to their insurance company.  I do ask that the client  pays the deductible and/or co-payment at the time of service, and I will file the claim if I’m an in-network provider.  The client will be provided with a receipt at the time of service.

Please be advised that the client’s  insurance company may decide the services received are not medically necessary and refuse to reimburse my fee.  They may decide it is more for growth purposes and deny it meets criteria for medical necessity.  Also, the client’s insurance will not pay for late cancellations or missed sessions.

What’s the cancellation policy?
Please note that each session time is reserved for the client.  If the need arises to cancel or reschedule, 24 hour advance notice is required to avoid being charged full fee for the appointment.  Be aware:  insurance does not cover missed appointments and the client will be personally responsible for these fees.